UBC Rec Volunteers

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    “I really enjoy how the program has both an educational and athletic aspect and allows the kids to thrive in different areas. It’s so rewarding to watch them get involved in, and excited with, the activities. Through this program, I have learned how to mentor the kids in different styles and how to better foster leadership in a sport setting.” – Alana See, UBC Kinesiology
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      “BTS has been one of the highlights of my semester so far. It’s been a blast getting to know all the kids! My favourite part so far (other than snack time, of course…) was the “windmill” challenge that Henry put together for us. I’m looking forward to more fun after the holidays!”
      – Mack Irving, UBC Kinesiology
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        “Bridge Through Sport easily became one of the highlights of my week. It was amazing seeing the kids develop even over a semester and it always surprised me at how smart they were. Not to mention their soccer skills are on point! I wish I had gotten into this program earlier, because it’s been such a nice change of pace from university life!” – Olivia Yung, UBC Science
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          “The best thing about bridge through sport is developing long lasting relationships with all the children in the community.” – Dillan Karst, UBC Kinesiology
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            “I like volunteering for BTS because I love working with kids. And being able to work with them through sports is amazing because all of the children at BTS are always so full of spirit and energy, it feels like I feed off of that energy when in there with them!” – Fred Kim, UBC Arts
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              “It was a pleasure getting to spend time with this diverse group of kids. As it was my first time on the Musqueam reserve, I was extra excited to experience the new community. It has been especially rewarding working through the classroom activities together, playing soccer (favourite of theirs and mine), and getting to know each person a little better every week. The kids have taught me so many new ways on how to be a friend, and will always be my little buddies.” – Kaidi Liu, UBC Kinesiology