About Us




  • To use sport as a mechanism to empower Aboriginal youth in lifelong learning
  • To make UBC more accessible to Aboriginal youth and their families
  • To support Musqueam Recreation’s vision of fostering leadership through sport
  • To encourage Musqueam and First Nations youth to complete high school and pursue post-secondary education as a complement to other forms of learning
  • To expand the knowledge base of UBC to acknowledge the Musqueam community and its history
  • To provide leadership and mentorship opportunities for UBC students



The Musqueam Indian Band provides staff support from various departments that work in conjunction with UBC staff to develop, plan, coordinate, and co-host initiatives under Bridge Through Sport. The Musqueam Band provides joint funding for initiatives. Musqueam staff inform the Musqueam community of opportunities available through Bridge Through Sport, and also act as a contact to other First Nations communities.

The First Nations House of Learning provides staff support through the position of the Bridge Through Sport Coordinator. The responsibility of the coordinator is to facilitate co-sponsored events and initiatives with Programs/Faculties from both the UBC and the Musqueam Community. The First Nations House of Learning also provides joint funding for some Bridge Through Sport initiatives.

The UBC Athletics and Recreation department’s involvement includes participation from Varsity athletes in presenting their sport to youth in the Musqueam community. Varsity athletes serve as role models for youth, as they embody both athletic and academic ability. In addition, UBC Athletics and Recreation provides connections and accessibility to UBC sport facilities, as well as programs for Bridge Through Sport initiatives.