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My name is Ruby and I am currently running the Math & Science Club at Musqueam. I am a Masters student at the School of Community and Regional Planning, with a focus on Indigenous Community Planning. I did my Undergrad at UBC Forestry in Natural Resources Conservation. I love learning myself, and enjoy supporting others to find their joy in their learning experience. I believe in the Growth Mindset way of approaching learning - especially in math and science which are areas that many of us are often told we just aren't "good" at. Come join me for snacks and fun at Math & Science Club!
Hello! My name is Geneva Lloyd and I am the Musqueam Youth Program (MYP) coordinator. I recently moved to Vancouver to pursue my Master's in Community and Regional Planning at UBC. As the MYP coordinator, I organize activities and field trips for our group which includes everything from getting spooked at Fright Night to fierce word search competitions. I love being active and in the outdoors and it's been a pleasure to share those passions with the youth group with activities such as rock climbing and night skiing at Mt. Seymour. My favorite part of the job is sharing laughs and experiences with the incredible MYP youth!

Past Work Learn Students

Hello, and welcome to Math & Science Club! My name is Henry and I am a student in the School of Kinesiology. I work with UBC student volunteers to deliver after school science workshops and tutoring sessions for youth at the Musqueam Community Centre. Working with the same group of youth has been one of the highlights of my job because being a part of their development has also helped me grow as a mentor. Some of my favourite moments with the youth include hiking in Deep Cove, hosting the annual Musqueam/UBC youth soccer tournament, and baking kale chips harvested from our garden. One particular experience that resonated with me was the opportunity to chaperone a group of high school Musqueam youth on a field trip to Prince George, where we joined a thousand delegates in a student leadership conference called Gathering Our Voices. In addition to my work in the Musqueam community, I have worked with the Faculty of Science and Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health in summer outreach initiatives such as the CEDAR Science Camp and the Summer Science Program. My goal is to advocate health and wellness through physical activity participation and hands-on education. Hope to see you there!
My name is Olivia, I am the student coordinator for the UNYA Homework Club, and am currently a third year student at UBC studying history and French. As a student in the UBC/Sciences Po Paris Dual Degree, I was fortunate to spend the first two years of my degree studying in France, learning how exciting and challenging it can be to live in a foreign country, and developing my language skills. Now that I’ve returned to Vancouver, I’m looking forward to getting to know all the students at Homework Club, sharing my enthusiasm for learning, and making Homework Club a fun place to be! Most important to me is the opportunity to interact and build relationships with the youth at Homework Club so that we can discover new things about each other, and ourselves, together. In the future, I hope to pursue a graduate degree in history while continuing to be involved in the community.
Hello and welcome to Homework Club! My name is Jenna Carpenter-Boesch and currently, I am getting my UBC education degree. I am originally from rural Saskatchewan, but moved out to Vancouver 5 years ago to get my Combined Major in Sciences degree and play on the UBC Women’s Hockey team. I love all Vancouver has to offer and I am excited to learn and work with the Musqueam community. I am looking forward to providing a fun and positive environment after school at Homework Club! In the past I have worked at the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame doing curriculum-based programming and as the camp director for the Gray Summer Day Camp, and through this experience I have learned the importance of building a strong relationships and incorporating student’s intersectionality and experiences into their learning. I am also very passionate about the outdoors and believe that a heightened environmental consciousness is vital for the future. In my spare time I enjoy snacking (mostly ice-cream), trying to play the guitar, playing sports and being outside as much as possible! I feel very privileged that I get this opportunity to work with the Musqueam community and I can’t wait to get to know you all, see you in Homework Club!
I'm Laurean Lyn Kenny, a Plains Cree-Metis, 3rd year anthropology major at UBC and also the coordinator for the 2017-2018 Reading Club! Before joining the youth team at Musqueam, I had worked for a number of years as a coordinator of another after school drop-in program for youth in my hometown in Manitoba, and am thrilled to be back in community programing. I'm looking forward to guiding reading club with alternative learning through more crafts, games, community building and getting to know the kids as well as the great volunteers through bridge through sport and the rest of the community! I'm passionate about martial arts, video games, multimedia art and reading and if you are too I'd love to talk about it! See you soon! Best regards and meegwetch!
IMG_8475My favourite part of BTS is being able to be part of the community at Musqueam! Hanging out with the kids, and meeting other community members at the rec centre has been amazing. Also, the food, reading and sports of course! As the Reading Club Coordinator, I plan after school snacks, reading club activities and help coordinate volunteers. Another important part of my job is fostering a positive environment where kids can kick back and connect with UBC students after a long day at school. The work at BTS can be challenging, which is great! There’s such a diversity of kids that show up at the club, and it’s helped me learn how to interact and reach out in different ways. Also, it’s provided an educational component for me where I’ve begun to learn various things about Musqueam that I didn’t know before. Being interested in the Social Work field, I think it’s important that I’m aware of different groups living in the Vancouver region and to at least attempt to understand their unique experiences. Lastly, BTS has really helped me develop leadership skills when working with various people.
IMG_8805Danette Jubinville is Plains Cree and Anishinaabe, and has had the honour and privilege of being born and raised in the lands of the Coast Salish peoples. Danette is currently completing the fourth year of her undergraduate degree in First Nations Studies at UBC. Currently, she is the FNHL Homework Club tutor at the Urban Native Youth Association. Danette loves her job because she gets to connect with some of the brilliant young Indigenous minds in the city, and they inspire her to keep working hard towards achieving her goals. In the future, she hopes to pursue further studies in the field of Aboriginal health and midwifery.
NigelGrenierMy name is Nigel Grenier and I am the student coordinator for the Musqueam Youth Program (MYP). My ancestry is Gitxsan from Gitsegukla as well as Cree from Churchill Manitoba. My role within the MYP is to design workshops to do with the youth and to act as a mentor. For my workshops, I draw from the different areas of my life that I am passionate about. I also talk to the youth and listen to their interests and try to do activities that they find engaging. My favourite aspect of the MYP is that for the most part, it is the same group of youth that come week after week. At the beginning of each session we share our ‘golden moment,’ meaning the best thing that’s happened to each of us over the last week. Over the last two years I’ve really got to know the youth, and I am always proud of the amazing things that they do. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am currently enrolled in my fourth year of studies in the History Honours Program at UBC. I like to share my passion for writing, reading, and public speaking. Last summer, I presented a paper at the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am also the Public Relations Officer for the Indigenous Students Association at UBC and on the organizing committee for UBC’s first annual Nehiyopasquaitsimowan Pow-wow. When I was young, my grandparents trained me in traditional Gitxsan dance and now I am a lead dancer for the Dancers of Damelahamid. I also recently started dancing men’s grass at Powwows. Language is another one of my interests. I am fluent in French and am in the process of learning Gitsenimx and Cree.
My name is Maggie Conway. I am a fourth year student at UBC in the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. Upon completion of my Bachelor of Arts, I intend on completing the Teacher Education program at UBC Okanagan. My long-term goal is to teach Social Studies at the High School level. I have been passionate about social issues for my entire life. I have enjoyed a short, but fulfilling, career as a partisan advocate in many capacities thus far; from working in government to running a campaign at the riding level. I eagerly share this passion with the people around me. I love MYP because of the atmosphere we create collectively. Each week we are able to engage in a variety of activities that allow us to discover different passions, interests, styles of learning, and ways of relating to each other. We reflect on everyone’s “golden moment,” discuss what songs we’ve been enjoying, and share anything interesting that we learned since our last session. When I am not at school or at work, I can either be found at the gym or at a comedy show. Over the past few years, I have been learning kickboxing and Muay Thai, and I’ve also been known to run through Pacific Spirit when I can (I’m the one rapping along to Nicki Minaj songs). I love to spend time checking out the incredibly rich comedy scene in Vancouver, particularly improve with The Sunday Service.
Hello, and welcome to Reading Club 2016! My name is Brennan Lew-Cooke and I am the student coordinator for the Reading Club. I work with UBC student volunteers to run after school reading and writing workshops for youth at the Musqueam Community Centre. My ancestry is Mi’kmaq and I have had the privilege of being born and raised in the territories of the Coast Salish peoples. I am in my fourth year at UBC; I am studying towards a Bachelor of Sciences in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems. I will be completing my undergraduate degree in the Global Resource Systems program with a specialization on Global Health. It is my goal to use traditional knowledge and traditional ways of healing to decolonize the Western medical system and its practices. I have had the opportunity to work on outreach programs with First Nations students. Some of you may remember me from Cedar Science camp. I have also worked with Vancouver Native Health Society on the Indigenous health gardens, and the Tu’wusht Garden project located on Musqueam territory, UBC Farm. I am excited to work with all the motivated and inspirational youth from our community; it is important to me that we grow and learn together, and from each other.
Huy ch q’u
Ocean Luo is currently a Masters of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) student at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP). He is ancestry is from the Miao people, one of the 55 minority ethnic groups in China.

Ocean specializes in Indigenous Community Planning. He is interested in community led planning processes that utilizes planning as a tool for Nation building and decolonization. He is also passionate about planning in diverse fields such as traditional knowledge studies, physical environmental design, and community engagement. Ocean has participated in numerous community development projects including language and education planning, historical and heritage planning, and land use planning.

Ocean graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies and a Certificate in Aboriginal Governance and Partnership. Ocean also holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Rural Planning from the Beijing Normal University, China.

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