After School Program Resources

Bridge Through Sport Math & Science Club and Reading Club run from 3:30-5:30pm at the Musqueam Community Centre. A general timeline of events is as follows: snack session (3:30-3:45), science/reading activity (3:45-4:30), recreation in the gym (4:30-5:20), wrap-up/prizes (5:20-5:30).

General guidelines

  • Age of participants: 7-12
  • Each club runs once per week on separate weekdays (except Friday) from Sept to April
  • Club days should be spread out throughout the week (e.g., Mon and Wed, or Tues and Thurs)
  • Clubs should be delivered on the same weekday each term for consistency
  • Wednesdays are generally the busiest days of the week, as some students are dismissed earlier from school and they arrive at the community centre by 2:30pm


  • The clubs are supported by volunteers from UBC Rec
  • The role of the UBC Rec volunteers is to support the coordinator in all aspects of the program, especially recreation activities in the gym
  • The volunteers are excused from duty during Dec and April (to accommodate for exams)


  • Snacks can be prepared in the Youth Centre kitchen
  • Kitchen space must be clean before the program starts
  • Snacks are served in the Learning Space
  • Cutlery, utensils and kitchen accessories are stored in the Learning Space
  • We have a toaster and refrigerator in the Learning Space
  • Be creative with your nutritious snacks!



The Musqueam Youth Program (MYP) runs from 6-8:30 at the Musqueam Community Centre. It is important to note that MYP is always held on Wednesdays because of its partnership with Musqueam 101, which runs at the same time.


  • To cultivate self-confidence and leadership skills in the youth.
  • To create an environment of respect and appreciation so the youth feel comfortable to share issues in their everyday life.
  • To help foster connections and relationships between the Musqueam Elders and the youth.
  • To build life skills such as cooking, public speaking and relationship building that the youth can carry on with them throughout their lives.
  • To encourage healthy and active lifestyles!
  • To foster collaboration and teamwork among the youth


The Musqueam Youth Program (MYP) runs from 6:00-8:30 pm on Wednesdays at the Musqueam Community Center. This is a rough outline of the schedule of MYP. The schedule is subject to change if MYP has a workshop, fieldtrip or is making dinner in the Youth Center but it is always important to include Golden Moment during these times.

6:00-6:45. Join Musqueam 101 for dinner at the Musqueam Cultural Center and eat with them.

6:45-7:30. Share a Golden Moment (the best part of your week) in the Musqueam community center’s upstairs resource center or the youth center. Golden Moment is an important piece of MYP, giving the youth a safe space to share what is happening in their lives.

7:30-8:30. Play a game or activity that fosters collaboration and teamwork. Make it a fun and positive experience for the youth!


  • MYP is run in the Musqueam Community Center in the upstairs resource center or the Youth centre.
  • Often, we meet in the Musqueam Youth Centre then proceed to dinner with Musqueam 101 in the Musqueam Cultural Center next door.


  • The age range for MYP is 13 years old and up, there is no age limit as we want everyone to feel welcome
  • Youth can only join when they are 13 years old
  • Usually there are 8-15 participants per session 


MYP is always looking to create partnerships with different groups and other teen initiatives in the Musqueam community. Currently we have partnerships with:

  • Musqueam 101
    • Musqueam 101 is a community meal and speaker series that brings together the knowledge of both the Musqueam and UBC communities. To learn more about Musqueam 101, check out their website:
    • At the beginning of each MYP session, Musqueam 101 graciously provides us dinner at the Musqueam Cultural Center. We are expected to eat with them from 6-6:45 pm.
    • We also participate in different celebrations and events with them.
  • Musqueam Youth Centre
    • The Musqueam Youth Centre is located in the Musqueam Community Center and is a place for young people to go to participate in a variety of activities.
    • We are lucky to have a great relationship with the Musqueam Youth Center staff and usually we can use the space for our program.
    • MYP often works with the Youth Outreach Worker, Abigail Speck to provide programming for the youth.
  • Gathering our Voices (GOV)
    • The Gathering our Voices conference is an initiative that brings together indigenous youth from all over British Columbia to take part in Indigenous Youth Leadership training by exploring, learning and engaging with culture among their peers. To learn more about the Gathering our Voices conference, check out their website:
    • Since most of the youth in MYP also attend the Gathering our Voices conference, we often work in a partnership with the individuals participating in GOV when putting together workshops.
  • Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC)
  • ISPARC is an initiative that aims to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous people across British Columbia by supporting and encouraging physically active communities and by expanding access to sport and recreation opportunities. To learn more about the ISPARC organization, go to their website:
  • ISPARC has provided MYP access to opportunities that otherwise would not have happened. In 2018, ISPARC was instrumental in taking Musqueam, Squamish and Tsliel-Waututh First Nations (including the MYP group) to Mount Seymour for a snowboard and ski day.

Support Staff

MYP is put on with the help of staff from both the Musqueam and UBC community:

  • Abigail Speck – Musqueam Youth Outreach Worker,
  • Vanessa Campbell – Musqueam Language and Cultural Department Program Assistant
  • Ryanne James – UBC Bridge Through Sport Coordinator,


  • MYP Facebook group updates the youth about programming plans, changes and updates
  • A one-page newsletter must be made after the program on Wednesday night for the Musqueam community newsletter. It must inform the public about what MYP did that week and what is planned for the following week.
  • Since we have a partnership with Musqueam 101 and they graciously provide MYP with dinner, it is important to communicate MYP’s plans to them. When MYP will not be attending dinner let Musqueam 101 coordinator, Susan Rowley know in a week’s advance. Sue’s email is
  • Before booking any fieldtrips be sure to get permission from Musqueam Director of Treaty, Lands and Resources, Leona Sparrow.


  • MYP usually goes on a fieldtrip about every 1-2 months
  • At the beginning of the program it is good to ask the youth what fieldtrips they are interested in.
  • Past fieldtrips have been: boxing at All-City Athletics, erging at Club Row, going on rides at Playland’s Fright Night, riding on the Stanley Park Christmas Train, watching movies at the Scotiabank Theatre, viewing The Fabric of Our Land: Salish Weaving exhibit at the Museum of Anthropology, snowboarding and skiing at Seymour Mountain and having a winter experience at Callahan Country.
  • Before booking any fieldtrips:
    • Contact and gain permission from Musqueam Director of Treaty, Lands and Resources, Leona Sparrow. Leona’s email is
    • Ensure each youth has a waiver filled out by their guardian. These can be printed off by Musqueam Youth Outreach Worker, Abigail Speck who will then distribute them to the youth.
    • Make sure the Musqueam bus is available. Book the bus at least 1-2 weeks in advance and send address to the driver ahead of time.


  • In the past we have incorporated workshops into our program such as Naloxone training and a Dancers of Damelahamid workshop.
  • If there is a need to book another space within the Musqueam community for a workshop, contact Musqueam Recreation Coordinator, Courtenay Gibson at