Math & Science/Reading Club Resources

Timeline of an after school session (3:30-5:30pm)

3:30-3:45 Snacks
3:45-4:30 Science/Reading activity
4:30-5:20 Recreation activity
5:20-5:30 Prizes


Introduction to after school programming

  • There are two programs for youth ages 7-12: Math and Science Club, Reading Club
  • Frequency: both clubs run once per week (on any weekday except Friday) from Sept to April
  • Math and Science Club and Reading Club cannot be delivered on the same day
  • Ideally, both clubs should be delivered with a day in between sessions (e.g. Mon and Wed, or Tues and Thurs) in order to spread out the programming throughout the week
  • Consistency: each club must be delivered on the same weekday each term (e.g. Reading Club is delivered every Monday in Term 1, and every Wednesday in Term 2)
  • Wednesdays are the busiest (ICS students have early dismissal, and they will generally hang out in the community centre well before the program starts)
  • December and April: programming is optional (to accommodate for exams)
  • Each club is supported by volunteers from UBC Rec


Participation age

  • Youth under 7 years of age are not allowed to participate
  • Youth over 12 years of age are allowed to participate, but may find activities non-challenging
  • Youth over 12 years (e.g. in high school) are encouraged to participate in the Musqueam Youth Program, a Wednesday night program that is designed for high school students



  • Snacks can be prepared in the Youth Centre’s kitchen, but the kitchen space must be clean before the program starts
  • Snacks are served in the Learning Space (upstairs)
  • Cutlery, utensils and kitchen accessories are stored in the Learning Space
  • A typical snack includes a fruit and vegetable platter and carbohydrates (e.g. croissants, bagels, waffles), but you can get creative!
  • We have a toaster and refrigerator in the Learning Space
  • Expect latecomers (unless it’s Wednesday; most students have early dismissals)



  • Submit a newsletter to Paula Point ( each week before Thursday 12pm
  • See below for sample